What is the Potential of Psychedelics as a Therapeutic Tool, and How have They been Viewed Throughout History?

The brave new world of psychedelics

What are Psychedelics?

What are psychedelics? And where does the current hype stem from? A beginner’s guide to the substances that could reveal your inner psyche.

What are the Historical Trends of Psychedelic use and Research, including Ancient use Dating Back 9000 Years and its use as a Potential Human Mind Control Tool during the 20th century?

Psychedelics are gaining momentum again, but they have a long and somewhat checkered past, including ancient use dating back 9000 years and a brief stint as a potential human mind control tool.

What Types of Psychedelics are There?

Psychedelics can be divided into numerous groups. Here, we present the classical serotonergic psychedelics as well as some of the non-classical ones.

What are the Effects of Psychedelics on the Brain and Body?

Psychedelic-psychiatrist Stanislav Grof proposed that psychedelics are to the study of the mind what the microscope is to biology and the telescope is to astronomy. Let’s explore what’s known thus far.

Psychedelics and Mental Health: What are the Potential Benefits and Risks of using Psychedelics as Medicine for Physical and Mental Disorders?

Psychedelics are, once again, being investigated as potential healing tools. But what is this based on? And who or what can they heal?

What was the Spiritual and Religious use of Psychedelics in History?

Psychedelics’ spiritual and religious use dates back several millennia. From the Greek Eleusinian Mysteries to the West-African Bwiti tribe. Let’s explore how these substances are used.


Are there any benefits related to consuming imperceptible doses of psychedelics? While many microdosers are convinced, some researchers believe it could be pure placebo.

How to access the Altered States of Consciousness without Psychedelics

Psychedelics alter one’s consciousness, but what does it mean to experience an altered state of consciousness? And are there other drug-free ways to experience one?

What are the Potential Dangers of using Psychedelics?

Psychedelics can bring about beautiful things, but what about the other side of the coin – like bad trips, permanent psychosis, and addiction?

What are some Influential books and Movies about Psychedelics?

Over the years, numerous books and movies have been made regarding the subject of psychedelics. Here, we present some of the most influential ones.