Unsung Women in STEM

Women in Physics: What is the Research and Career of Donna Strickland and Eva Silverstein?

An introduction to Donna Strickland and Eva Silverstein

Women in Biology

An introduction to Elizabeth Blackburn and Jennifer Doudna

Women in Neuroscience

The story of May-Britt Moser and her burning desire to understand the brain

Women in Computer Science

Meet the Mother of Software and the Conscience of the AI Revolution

Women in Data Security

An introduction to the female hackers securing the internet

Women in Space

Raising awareness about satellite technologies and the quest to discover another earth

Women in Artificial Intelligence

An Introduction to Jennifer Zhu Scott and Marissa Mayer

Women as Digital Activists

Teaching computers to see and societies to compute

Women as Tech Entrepeneurs

Learn about the women who changed entrepreneurship as we know it

Women in Robotics

Helping people one robot at a time