The History of Ancient Rome

The Expansion of the Roman Empire

Rome's expansion and eventual dominance in ancient geopolitics.

The Roman Republic

Rome's early era as a high-minded democratic Republic.

The Roman Civil Wars

The wars that raged after Caesar's death, and the last days of the Republic.

Roman Culture

The complex, advanced artistic and cultural output of the Roman civilization.

The Age of Augustus and Foundation of the Principate

Augustus's takeover of the Roman state and the beginning of the era of emperors.

The Caesars

The great emperors of Rome - the heroes, hedonists, villains, and everything in between.

The Rise of Julius Caesar

The man who changed the course of Roman history - effectively bringing an end to the Republic.

Roman Society

How Roman society structured itself.

The Fall of Rome

How the world's greatest empire met its decline and fall.

The Founding of Rome

The roots of the most influential empire in Western history.