Linguistics: An Overview

Language documentation and revitalization

The study of language preservation and policies for shaping language.

Psycholinguistics and language acquisition

The role of psychology in language formation.

Computation linguisitics and NLP

The crossover between linguistics and natural language processing.

Sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology

The relationship between linguistics and social studies, and the role of culture in shaping language.

Applied linguistics

How linguistics can be applied to real-world problems.

History of linguistics

The story of the study of linguistics from its earliest roots to today.

Phonetics and phonology

The key principles that underly the study of linguistics.

Morphology and syntax

The study of the internal structure of words, and how they relate to one another in a sentence.

Historical and areal linguistics

How studying the history of language can shape our understanding of it.

Semantics and pragmatics

Semantics and pragmatics are two subfields of linguistics that study the meaning of language.