Intro to Quantum Mechanics

Practical Uses of Quantum Physics Today

We will now embark on a whistle-stop tour of the major ways quantum ideas are being utilized to enhance our lives or develop new and exciting technologies that push the boundary of what’s possible.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Other Quantum Weirdness

In 1927, German physicist Werner Heisenberg was able to show that a ‘fundamental limit’ exists for the precision with which you can measure the position and momentum of a quantum particle.

Schrodinger’s Equation and Wave Functions

Before quantum mechanics, things were a whole lot simpler.

Bohr’s Quantum Theory of the Atom

In the same way we have refined our understanding of light over the years, scientists have embarked on a similar journey with the nature of matter and the atoms that comprise it.

Einstein’s Quantum Theory of Light

Maxwell’s theory predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves, stating that light itself was one such wave.

The Bridge from Classical to Quantum Thinking

By the turn of the twentieth century, scientists were pleased with themselves.