The First Principles of Learning

The concept of ‘learning’ can actually be difficult to pin down. 

Cognitive Load

Have you ever tried to learn something and failed because it suddenly got too hard?

How Creativity Works

There’s a simple and a complex answer to the question ‘what is creativity?’

Debunking Myths

We’re only just beginning to debunk some of the things that we thought we knew about learning.

Motivating Yourself to Learn

Do you remember the last time you tried to study something for a test?

Visual Memory and the Mind’s Eye

Most of us have a sense of whether we ‘have a good eye’ – being instinctively good at something without really needing to think about it.

Learning and Memory

Many people would consider the ideas of learning and memory to be interchangeable terms. However, there is a subtle difference.

How We Learn Socially: Imitating, Collaborating, and Storytelling

There are surprisingly few ways in which humans are unique from other animals.

Techniques of the Memory Masters

The methods used by memory athletes all work on the same principle: compression.

Learning Strategies – Managing Your Learning Through Forgetting and Repetition

A good learning strategy will consider the 3 most important aspects of learning – motivation, knowledge retention, and the future transfer of knowledge. 

The Brain and How it Learns

All it takes is a powerful emotional association with an event and the hippocampus will ensure you don’t forget it in a hurry.

Superpower Learning – Introduction

Never before has there been more information available at everyone’s fingertips.

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