Modern Legends: The Future of Folklore

Cryptozoology is a modern form of folklore.

Enchanted Realms: Stories of Other Worlds

Folktales often feature distant lands or enchanted realms – places of mystery and wonder.

Life after Death: Stories of Human Mortality

Death is a universal experience, and folklore has long sought to explain it.

Breaking Boundaries: Stories of Tricksters

Tricksters are a common figure in folklore, appearing in myths and folktales from around the world.

Broken Hearts: Stories of Love and Loss

Love and loss are powerful themes that have been explored in folklore for centuries.

Divine Intervention: Stories of Gods and Deities

Gods and deities have been a part of folklore since the dawn of time.

Heroes and Monsters: Stories of Good versus Evil

For as long as humans have told stories, they have told stories of good and evil.

Magic and Ghosts: Stories of the Supernatural

Throughout history, folklore has often featured supernatural elements: phenomena which exist outside the rules of science and nature.

Introduction to Folklore: Why Stories Make Us Human

Folklore refers to the stories and beliefs of a particular culture or group.