A superpower learning engine, to explore new ideas and master anything.

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Have you ever been curious about learning something but didn’t know where to start?
Have you ever read something super interesting, then forgotten about it minutes later?
Have you ever wanted to build a consistent learning habit but find yourself too tired after work to engage your mind?
We did. That’s why we built Kinnu.

Expand your horizons

Kinnu is a universe (kinnuverse!) of world-class content distilled and organised into commitment-free pathways that you can get lost in. Choose from an ever-growing range of topics such as artificial intelligence, contemporary art, intermittent fasting, psychology, philosophy, history and scientific breakthroughs. New content drops every week!

Tasty morsels

Ideas and topics are split into short, snappy sessions you can read or listen to, at home or on the go. The satisfaction of remembering what you learn and applying your knowledge in daily life will get you hooked on next-gen learning.

Superpowered learning engine

Underneath Kinnu's beautiful interface is an intelligent learning engine that supercharges your memory and helps you build a daily learning habit. Achieve mastery of all the big concepts and ideas, all you have to do is be curious – Kinnu does the rest.

Kinnu superpower learning engine Kinnu superpower learning engine
Kinnu superpower learning built by intelligent octopus Kinnu superpower learning built by intelligent octopus

Built by intelligent octopi

Kinnu was designed by next-level cephalopods who understand the science of learning better than humans.

…and help the octopuses work on product ideas, content and other stuff