A gamified learning engine, to explore new ideas and master anything.

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We started Kinnu because every learning product we’ve ever used was boring.
This can’t be the best way to learn, given everything we know about the science of learning.
So we set out to build the ultimate learning product, from the ground up, based on first principles.

Map-based content discovery

Explore topics on a map instead of lists – how your mind actually works. Magic portals allow you to teleport between connected learning pathways.

Bite-sized and brain-optimised

From Basquiat to the Gut Microbiome - master what you want from our lovingly-curated catalog or casually listen on the go.

Hack your brain (and motivation)

Kinnu is built on a powerful learning engine that’s designed to remove cognitive load while learning and utilises behavioural design to help you outsmart yourself.

Built by intelligent octopi

Kinnu was designed by next-level cephalopods who understand the science of learning better than humans.

…and help the octopuses work on product ideas, content and other stuff
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