The Timeless Wisdom of Great Greek Philosophers

The Pre-Socratics: the Origin of Greek Philosophy

This tile contains an overview of pre-Socratic philosophy and the ways in which these early thinkers tried to answer the universe's biggest questions.

The Milesian Philosophers

Learn how the first school of philosophy, the Milesians, sought to find meaning in a disordered world.

Who are the Cynics?

The Cynics encouraged their followers to remove themselves from the chains of society and live free, enlightened lives. Learn all about this controversial and influential philosophy.

What is Skepticism? Skeptics and Philosophy

What are the limits of human knowledge? How can we know we really know something? What is truth? Learn how the Skeptics attempted to asnwer these tough questions.

Who is Aristotle?

This tile takes a look at the philosphy and ideas of the philosopher known today as the first teacher. Learn all about Aristotle and his principles of life and logic.

Who is Socrates?

One of the most famous philosophers of all time. Learn all about the scientist and sage, Socrates.

Who is Plato? An Introduction to Plato’s Philosophy

Learn all about the silent philosopher, his concept of platonic forms, political philosophy and ideas of happiness.

What is Stoicism?

Stoicism and the search for inner strength and peace is as popular today as it was in Ancient Greece. Learn about this eternally relevant philosophy and what it means to be a stoic.

What is Eleatic Philosophy?

The Eleatic school of philosophy believed that all nature was unified and ordered and subscribed to the doctorine of the One. Find out what this means and why in this tile.

What is Epicureanism?

Fpunded on the philosophy of Epicurus, the Epicurean school created a complete and practice system of philosophy that focused on empirical knoweldge of the goal of human life.