The Cold War

De-escalation: Early Signs of the Cold War Thawing

The early signs of the Cold War thawing - a long process of de-escalation and incremental concessions.

Escalation and Expansion: Key Moments in Cold War Development

The moments where the Cold War turned violent - and armageddon was narrowly avoided.

Proxy Wars: How Regional Conflicts Played into the Cold War

How regional conflicts came to be proxy battlegrounds for the superpowers to test each other's strength.

The End and Legacy of the Cold War

How the Cold War came to an end, and how its legacy continues to shape global politics.

The Berlin Wall Comes Down: Pivotal Moments in the End of the Cold War

How the fall of the Berlin Wall precipitated the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

East vs. West: Ideologies at the Heart of the Cold War

How the culture war between the US and USSR fuelled the Cold War.

Key Players: Important Figures and Their Roles in the Cold War

The major leaders who shaped the story of the Cold War.

The Roots of the Cold War

How two nuclear superpowers came to dominate global politics in the mid-20th century.

Nuclear Arms Race: The Build up of Weapons on Both Sides

How the race between the US and USSR to arm themselves with nuclear weapons led to mutually assured destruction