Medical Breakthroughs: A History of the Most Impactful Developments

The History of Immunology

Vaccines are truly amazing, learn about how they were developed, their success in eradicating diseases, and the power of immunity.

The History of Penicillin

Penicillin and antibiotics have profoundly changed the way in which we fight diseases. But how did they come about? Learn about the development of these life changing treatments, as well as antibiotic resistence.

Blood Transfusion

Blood transfusion is an indispensable element of modern medicine which saves millions of lives a year. Learn about this incredible treatment and how it has evolved with our understanding of the nature of blood and the circulatory system.

Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Learn all about the developments of medical imaging and radiology, which thankfully allow us to view inside the living human body without having to cut it open.

Organ Transplantation

Learn about the technical and scientific advancements achieved over the past 70 years that are saving the lives of thousands of patients a year.


Learn all about the study of diseases in populations, what the difference between endemic, epidemic and pandemic is, and how we identify the important factors.

The History of Germ Theory

Before the 1800s, it was not widely understood that microscopic organisms cause disease. Learn how germ theory forever changed the way we understand illnesses and the body.

The History of Anesthesia

Its hard to imagine medical procedures without anesthetic for pain relief. But Anesthesia is a realtively recent development. learn about their history, and (what was used before!)

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgey today is synonymous with the quest for youth, however it actually dates back to antiquity and may be one of the world's oldest healing treatments. Learn about its history from antiquity to WW2 to the modern day.