Love And Technology: How The Modern World Is Changing The Way We Love Each Other; Include Dating Apps, Access To Pornography, Video Chats Over Long Distances, And AI-Powered Matchmaking

The modern world has changed the way we love each other in many ways.

Love And Literature: How Different Writers Have Written About Love, And Why Humans Are Drawn To These Writings; Including Love Poetry, Classic Literature, And Modern Romantic Films

Love has been a universal theme in literature since the dawn of time.

Love And Philosophy: How Different Philosophers Have Written About Love; Including Theories From Ancient Greece, The Renaissance, Eastern Philosophers, And Other Famous Thinkers

Love and philosophy have been intertwined since ancient times.

Relationships Around The World: How Different Countries View Relationships Differently; Including Gender Roles, Arranged Marriages, Religious Head Coverings, And Views On Nudity

Relationships around the world vary greatly in terms of gender roles, beauty standards, and views on love.

Freedom To Love: How Culture, Religion And Institutions Have Placed Restrictions On Love And Relationships; Including The Treatment Of Women In Relationships, LGBT Love, And Interracial Love

Throughout history, culture and religion have placed restrictions on love and relationships.

Types Of Love: How Psychologists Have Tried To Categorize The Different Types Of Love; Including Color Wheel Theory, Triangular Theory, And Other Popular Or Controversial Theories

Psychologists have long tried to categorize the different types of love, instead of seeing it as a single entity.

Cultural Theory: How Human Love Has Outgrown Its Evolutionary Roots; Including ‘the Art Of Loving’ By Erich Fromm, And The Ways That Modern Humans Have Learned To Love Beyond Their Instincts

The cultural theory of love suggests that modern relationships are more complex than pure evolutionary instinct, as they are affected by society and culture.

The Evolution Of Love: Examining The Evolutionary Benefits Of Love And Relationships In Early Humans; Including Love And Relationships In Specific Animal Species, Especially Where Similar To Humans

Love and relationships have been a part of human life since the dawn of time.

The Brain In Love: Examining The Neurobiology Behind Love, Libido, Partner Preference, Jealousy, Rejection; Including Older Theories, Like James Papez, And Recent Studies, Like MRI Scans

The neurobiology of love is a fascinating and complex topic.

Using Habit Stacking to Build a Healthy Routine

Habit stacking is a powerful technique to build healthy actions into our daily routines.

The Importance of Mindfulness in Habit Formation

For the next couple of minutes, we would like to invite you to a little practice.

Creating Healthy Habits: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the 1950s, a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz observed a curious pattern among his patients.