Future Technologies

Production – From Industrial To Biological

How biotech may be the next step in manufacturing.

Politics: The New Lines Being Drawn

How the next 20 years will mark further moves away from the late-20th century liberal consensus.

Economics – From Private To Public

How increasing investment in infrastructure will drive economic growth.

The Major Challenges

For all the progress the world is making, there are major, existential challenges to be overcome.

Work – From Physical To Virtual

How in-person working may become a thing of the past.

Culture: From Boomer-Centric To Millenial-Centric

How our cultural attitudes are undergoing a generational shift.

Transportation: From Internal Combustion To Electric

The race to fully decarbonise transport will mark the largest shift in the history of modern transportation.

The State of Progress Today

How advances in the past 20 years have changed our world, and laid the groundwork for the next 20.

Acceleration of Pace of Change

How the pace of change is only getting faster and faster.

Energy: From Carbon To Clean

How the energy transition will be a hugely impactful part of the coming decades.