Enlightenment Philosophy

Enlightenment and Religion

The complex relationship between Enlightenment thought and religion.

Social Contract Theory

The dominant political idea of the Enlightenment.

Natural Law Theory

The rationalization of legal structures.

The Empiricists

The other major school of Enlightenment thought, deriving truth from experience.

Introduction to Enlightenment Philosophy

The revolution in thought that shaped the modern world.

Science and the Enlightenment

The complex relationship between the Enlightenment and science.

Enlightenment Ethics

How the Enlightenment shaped ethics.

Enlightenment Aesthetics

How the Enlightenment shaped aesthetics.

Enlightenment and Political Philosophy

How political thought was shaped by the theories of the Enlightenment.

The Rationalists

One of the two major schools of Enlightenment thought, deriving truth from reason.