The World of Genetics

Introduction to Genetics: The Basics

The basic principles that underpin gene science.

DNA, Genes and Chromosomes: The Building Blocks of Life

How DNA makes up the building blocks of all life.

Genomics: The Study of Whole Genomes

How genomics is used at the cutting edge of modern genetics.

Gene Expression: How Genes Control Development and Function

How genes control development and function.

Genetic Variation: The Basis of Evolution

How variation drives the process of evolution in all living beings.

Genetic Mutations: Causes and Consequences

How mutations occur, and the role they play in driving natural selection.

Genetic Disorders: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The science behind different genetic disorders.

Mendelian Genetics: The Laws of Inheritance

The rules of inheritance and hereditary traits in genetics.

Genetic Testing: Techniques and Applications

How genetic testing works, and the value it can provide.

The Future of Genetics: New Frontiers and Ethical Considerations

New frontiers and ethical considerations for the next chapter in the history of genetics.