The Astronomy Of The Universe

Looking Up At The Stars – A Brief Introduction To Astronomy

What is astronomy? Why are we interested? Are we the center of the universe? What do we know about the universe, and how did we get there?

The Birth And Expansion Of The Universe

How did the universe begin? How will it end? Why is it getting bigger? Astronomy attempts to answer some of the biggest questions possible.

Our Solar System

How did our solar system form? What’s in it? A brief tour of our stellar neighborhood.

The Lives of Stars

How is a star born? What happens when a star dies? The evolution of stars in our universe.

Gravity And Black Holes

A brief introduction to gravity, and some of its consequences, including why massive bodies attract, and why you should watch your step around black holes.


How do telescopes work? Why do we send telescopes into space? More about our best tools for looking at the universe.

Astrobiology And Life In The Universe

What’s the meaning of life? How do we search for alien life? And why haven’t we found it yet? Exploring the possibilities of biology among the stars.


How do we search for planets outside our solar system? What have we found so far? What do we know about the other planets in the universe?


What do galaxies look like? How do they move? What happens when they crash? Exploring our Milky Way and the galaxies beyond.

Space Exploration: Our Journeys Among The Stars

Making it into space. How have we explored space so far? What are we doing right now? What does the future of space travel look like?