Fashion: An Introduction

Defining Fashion

What is fashion? Discover the origins of fashion, the key elements, and its place in modern society.

Definitive Styles and Their Origins

You can trace every piece of clothing you wear back to a critical moment in history. Here is a look at some signature styles you might be familiar with and where they came from.

Fashion Masterminds: Those Who Defined Fashion

Who invented fashion? Learn all about the genius minds behind fashion, the definition of a fashion designer, and some big names to know.

Manufacturing Processes

How are clothes made? An overview of the clothes creation business.

20th Century: Fashion Through the Decades

Alongside people and society, fashion evolves with the times. A brief history of the fashion timeline in the 20th century.

The Birth of the Fashion Show

Fashion shows today are extravagant media spectacles, but it wasn’t always that way. When did the concept begin? Discover the history of the fashion show.

Pivotal Fashion Events

How did fashion progress and help shape societal norms? These are some defining events that changed fashion.

Haute Couture vs. Ready-to-Wear

Do you know your haute couture from your prêt-à-porter? An explanation and history of the two terms.

Modern-Day Fashion

What are people wearing today? An exploration of 21st-century style as we know it.

Industry Issues and the Future of Fashion

Historical events have brought us to where we are now, but where is fashion going? An insight into the industry’s future.