Climate Change

What is the Current Situation with Climate Change, and What do We Need to Understand about It?

It’s a good thing that climate change has gained this presence in our lives – it is an unignorable problem.

What Is Climate Change, And What Causes It?

What is climate change and what causes it? An introduction to the global crisis.

What are the Effects of Climate Change?

The evidence of climate change as well as the predicted future effects is alarming. Find out what the implications of climate change are in this tile.

What Are Greenhouse Gasses And Where Do They Come From?

What are greenhouse gasses and where do they come from? A beginner's guide to greenhouse gasses.

What Is Carbon Footprint, And How Can We Reduce It?

Want to know how your household could contribute to mitigating climate change? Let’s take a look at your carbon footprint.

What have We Done to Combat Climate Change, and How has the World Responded to the Crisis?

What have we done to combat climate change, and how has the world responded to the crisis? All the main points of the global fight against this crisis.

What Is Renewable Energy, And Can It Save Our Planet?

What is renewable energy and can it really save our planet? A comprehensive beginner-friendly guide about renewable energy.

What is Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilization, and How Can It be Used to Combat Climate Change?

Can you really capture carbon dioxide and remove it from the atmosphere? An informative piece on what carbon capture, storage, and utilization is and its use in combating climate change.

What is Hydrogen Energy?

Do you know that hydrogen is considered the fuel of the future? What are the key features of hydrogen, especially its use in a low-carbon energy system called the Hydrogen Economy?