The American Civil War

Life on the Battlefield: Soldiers’ Stories from the Civil War

What life was like for those on the front line of the Civil War.

Reconstructing a Nation: How the United States Attempted to Heal After the Civil War

How the United States attempted to heal after the Civil War

Slavery, Emancipation, and the African American Experience During the Civil War

Slavery, emancipation and the new challenges for the African American community by the Civil War.

The Catalysts of War: Exploring the Causes of the American Civil War

Exploring the causes of the American Civil War.

Lincoln, Davis, and the Political Leaders of the Civil War

A look at some of the major leaders in the Civil War, with a special focus on Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.

Women in the Civil War: Roles, Experiences, and Contributions

Roles, experiences, and contributions made by women in the Civil War.

Lasting Impacts: How the American Civil War Continues to Shape the United States Today

How the American Civil War continues to shape the United States today.

Military Strategy of the Civil War

An analysis of the strategies used by the Unionists and Confederates during the US Civil War.

The War at Home: How the Civil War Affected Civilians

How the Civil War affected civilians.

Key Battles and the Course of the Civil War

Some of the key battles in the war, including Bull Run, Antietam and Gettysburg.