How To Watch Movies: A Beginner's Guide to Film Theory

What is Film Theory?

How to understand and employ the basics of film theory and impress your friends.

What is Narrative Structure? The Difference Between Plot and Story

How to use narrative structures to identify a plot and tell a story

What is Film Editing?

The Movement of Pictures and Why Its Is Important

Film Genres: Types of Genres in Movies and How to Identify Them

Identifying the where and the when of a film and why it matters.

What are Archetypes in Movies?

The heroes and villains we love and why we love them

Movie Themes: Thematic Concepts and Motif in Film

What is the point of the plot anyway?

What is Cinematography? Types of Angles and Shots in Film

How every frame of a film becomes a tool for meaning

What is Tone in Film?

How to analyze the atmosphere of a film and its impact on the audience.

What Does a Film Director Do?

Understanding and identifying the individual style and techniques in a filmmaker’s repertoire.

Why is Sound and Lighting in Film Important?

Visual and auditory techniques used on film to create a story for our senses.