Ikigai and the Art of Happiness

The way to happiness is ikigai

While ikigai is a form of happiness, it is a concept far more complex than that. In fact, ikigai is the way to happiness rather than the end goal. Through examples of how the Japanese pursue and maintain ikigai, it is hoped that you will find your own.

The Benefits of ikigai, or Knowing Your “Reason for Being”

Discover the link between ikigai and one’s well-being and how ikigai can benefit people throughout the course of their lives.

Kodawari meaning in ikigai

This tile explores how ikigai can benefit your work, improve your work-life balance, and help you find fulfillment in your career.

Ikigai in Japanese culture versus Western culture

This tile compares ikigai with similar concepts in the Western culture, explores the interpretation of ikigai outside of Japan.

The Five Pillars of Ikigai

This tile explores the common elements of ikigai, Mogi’s five pillars of ikigai, the seven needs to achieve ikigai as defined by Kamiya, and the difference between ikigai sources and perceptions.

What is Ikigai? The Japanese Way of Finding Happiness in Living

This tile presents the basics of the philosophy of ikigai, from the term’s origin and history to its modern interpretation.