Poetry: A Beginner's Guide

The Origins of Poetry

Discover poetry's evolutionary origins and the function of poems in early civilizations

Rhetorical and Poetic Devices

How poetry creates vivid imagery and symbolism using rhetorical devices

Medieval and Early Modern Poetry

How poetry evolved between the middle ages and the time of Shakespeare

Technical Features of Poetry

Understand the workings of meter and rhyme, and the mechanisms that make a poem tick

Modernist and Post-War Poetry

An exploration of the movements that emerged during the rapid changes of the early 20th century

Approaches to Interpreting Poetry

Investigate the various lenses through which poetry can be analyzed and appreciated, from Historicism and Feminist Theory

Poetry Around the World

Explore the richness and diversity of poetry traditions around the globe, from Africa to Japan

Romantic and Victorian Poetry

How poets like Wordsworth, Keats, and Tennyson embodied the ideals of their time

Contemporary Poetry

How experimental poetic forms have developed from the 1960s through to today’s “Instagram Poets”

Forms of Poetry

Discover the difference between a Sonnet, a Ballad, and a Haiku