How Music Works: The Science of Music

Chasing Talent, Developing Skill

What defines musical ability, and how is it attained?

Toward New Heights

Music continues to evolve as with us. What have been the most notable changes in music so far?

The Magic of Music

Where does sound come from, and how does it become music in our minds?

Demystifying Sound

What does science have to say about noisy neighbors, outrageously priced violins, and earworms?

Beyond Pleasure

Besides enjoyment, do we stand to gain anything else from music? A resounding YES, according to science.

Musical Instruments and How They Work

How do different musical instruments produce sound?

The Building Blocks of Music

What elements do we need to make music?

The Journey of a Song

From an idea to potential profit, let's trace the steps musicians take to make a song.