French Revolution

French Revolution – an overview

It not only led to the overthrow of the monarchy in France, but also had a major impact on politics, society, and culture across Europe and the world.

Contemporary heritage

This tile considers the impact, both immediate and long-term, of the French Revolution both at home and abroad

1794-99: les Années Folles of Thermidor and the Directory

This tile covers the mid-1790s, as France recovered from the violence of the earlier part of the decade.

1793-94: Terror for the people and death for the monarchs

This period saw France’s descent into outright chaos, with political violence on a scale never seen before.

1791-1792: old enemies and a new Republic

This tile covers the latter period of constitutional monarchy in France, as it became increasingly clear that Louis XVI’s position was untenable.

1789-91: towards a constitutional monarchy

The period 1789-1791 was a time of uncertainty in France. This tile covers the attempts to establish a constitutional monarchy – and their disastrous failure.

The nested conflicts leading to the French Revolution

The causes of the French Revolution are complex. This tile discusses the multiple internal conflicts in France that made conditions ripe for upheaval.

What is it and when did it happen?

The French Revolution is actually not all that easy to define. Here we discuss how best to consider this period.

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