Superpower Learning: The Science of Learning

The First Principles of Learning and How Much Can We Learn

The foundational principles that inform the science of learning

What is Creativity, and How Does it Work?

Here we explore creativity, its role in learning, and how it too can be learned.

What is Cognitive Load Theory, and How does it Explain Difficulties with Multitasking and Short-Term Memory?

How cognitive load can get in the way of learning, and how to harness it for your own good.

How Does The Brain Learn? The Power of Repetition

The brain is an incredible - and incredibly complex - organ. This tile gives an overview of the different parts of the brain and how they store memory, and the role that the brain’s reward circuitry has to play in learning.

What are Some Common Myths about Learning, and How can the Science of Learning be used to Improve the Learning experience?

Never before has there been more information available at everyone’s fingertips.

Master Memory with These Memory Techniques

How the world’s greatest minds use techniques to perform incredible feats of memory – and how understanding these techniques can impact your own learning.

Motivating Yourself to Learn

Researchers and educators have long been puzzled by the issue of motivation. This tile reveals some of the key motivators in learning.

Learning Strategies – Managing Your Learning Through Forgetting and Repetition

A guide to understanding what makes a learning strategy effective or bad.

Debunking Myths

Learn about some of the common myths associated with learning and why they don’t hold up.

Understand the Relationship Between Learning and Memory to Get Better at Learning

In this tile, we’ll explore the relationship between learning and memory and introduce you to memory systems, processes, and pathways.

Visual Memory and the Mind’s Eye: What is the Importance of it for Learning?

Learn about visual memory, visual discrimination, and perceptual learning – and what having a ‘good eye’ really means.

How We Learn Socially: Imitating, Collaborating, and Storytelling

This tile introduces the concept of social learning. Discover how informal learning, storytelling and community can be powerful drivers of learning.