Human Cognition: What Goes On In Our Heads?

Introduction to the Brain

The complex nature of the brain and the tools to help us understand what’s going on inside

The Background to Human Intelligence

Human cognition has a history as long as humanity itself and has been vital for its success

Problem-Solving, Expertise, and Judgment

Our ability to survive and thrive relies on overcoming obstacles and solving problems in everyday life

Perception and Motion

Our ability to move while perceiving the environment has always been crucial to individual success and our survival as a species

Knowledge Representation and Memory

Understanding what it takes to remember and recall what we need to survive and thrive

Understanding Language

To fully comprehend what is being said, language processing takes place at multiple levels, breaking down both meaning and structure

Language Production

Our human ability to share what we are thinking requires complex planning and production processes

Human Visual Processing

The brain’s ability to make sense of what you see and the environment in which we live