A Guide to The Incredible Gut Microbiome

What is the Microbiome, and How does it Impact Health?

Take a tour of the amazing world of bacteria that lives inside each one of us.

What Impact does the Mode of Delivery, Breastfeeding, Formula-Feeding, Antibiotic Usage, Diet, Stress, and Age Have on the Development and Evolution of the Human Gut Microbiome?

How your microbiome changes over time.

How Microbiota Benefit the Body

The effect of microbiota on maintaining your health.

The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis

The complex world of the enteric nervous system and its relationship with the microbiome.

How to Optimize Your Health – Lifestyle

Adjustments you can make to your lifestyle to keep your microbiome healthy.

Antibiotics and Immunity

How antibiotics could be destroying your good microbes.

Gut Microbes and Metabolic Health

The role of the microbiome in maintaining a healthy weight.

How to Optimize Your Gut Health – Nutrition

What to eat and drink to keep your microbes happy and healthy.

The Future of Gut Health

The state of gut health in the 21st century.