How to Win Hearts and Minds: The Art of Persuasion through Rhetoric

How to Make a Speech Memorable

An introduction to why memorability matters, and how great people achieve it

What Are the Origins of Rhetoric?

Discover the origins of rhetorical theory as well as the conventions of writing and speaking that come from the classical world

Why Are Statistics Important in Speech?

How to use and present data and numbers to prove your point.

Why Are Anecdotes Important to Support and Argument?

How can we prove that something is true and the importance of telling your story the right way?

What is an Argument?

Introducing the antagonist, and showing you how to engage with them directly

What is Rhetoric?

Learn about the definition of rhetoric and when it might come into our daily lives

Framing Through The Established

How to use things people already know to your advantage

What is a Logical Fallacy? Definition and Examples

What is a logical fallacy and how can I identify one?

Why is Rhetoric Important? An Introduction to Rhetoric

Discover the core principles of rhetoric, learn the techniques for making your communication memorable, and your arguments sound