The History of Entrepreneurs

The Future of Entrepreneurship

What lies ahead for the entrepreneurs of the world? Younger generations are starting to look for alternatives to the standard 9 to 5 jobs, and entrepreneurship seems like a viable option.

Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century

21st century entrepreneurs have a lot in common, but there are many types of entrepreneurs, and they all start out with different goals.


What better time to be an entrepreneur than a time when the economy is booming? The end of World War II was a time of prosperity for many countries, especially the United States.

Colonialism and Entrepreneurship

In the colonial era, being an entrepreneur meant being involved with trade, and extracting wealth from colonies. This was a dark chapter in the history of business, but also an influential one, with several key developments in the emergence of entrepreneurship.

Overview of Entrepreneurs

What is an entrepreneur? Where entrepreneurship started and how it affects the world around us.

Industrial Revolution

From machines to mass production, the Industrial Revolution was a time of great change. Many industries, such as the automobile industry, boomed during this time.

Entrepreneurs and the Agricultural Revolution (Neolithic Revolution)

The first entrepreneurs were hunters and gatherers. But as agriculture continued to grow, people began to settle in one place, taking advantage of trade and all of its benefits.

Entrepreneurship in the Ancient and Classical World

In the ancient and classical world, the creation of empires and merchants was not viewed in a positive light.

Entrepreneurship in the 20th century

Thanks to economists, entrepreneurship now has a name and a definition. Entrepreneurship in the 20th century looked like defining what an entrepreneur actually was.

Information Age

In less than a hundred years, we went from inventing the first commercial radio to carrying computers in our pockets. The Information Age shaped the world in a way most other advancements couldn't.