Redefining Communities

Can companies work without bosses?


So you can be a pretentious art snob in two different universes

Crypto Scandals

Not a how-to guide

How does Decentralized Finance Work?

The exciting prospect of you trusting your hard-earned dollars to … nobody?

What’s a blockchain?

And if they don’t love me now, they will never love me again, but they could never break the chain


Crypto doesn’t have to be cryptic

What is Web3?

A fad or the next technological revolution?


If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the past few years, you will probably have come across a strange new vocabulary.

Security in Web3

So there’s something to be sidelined completely by the evil genius at the climax of the movie

What is Logical Representation in AI?

Logical representation provides machines with the capacity for representing their world and for logical reasoning

What is the Potential of AI for Humanity?

AI has the potential to unlock the secrets of life and help us solve life’s most enduring mysteries

What are the Capabilities and Applications of Robotics?

Despite the concerns of world domination found in sci-fi, robots have the potential to augment human strengths, and enter environments that put human life at risk