World War II

The Aftermath of World War II: The Peace Settlement and the Creation of the United Nations

The end of World War II saw the emergence of two superpowers: the United States and the Soviet Union.

The Fall of the Third Reich: The Final Days of World War II in Europe

The Nazi regime was determined to defend Berlin to the last man. Hitler had declared that the city would become a fortress and that it would be defended to the death.

D-Day: The Allies’ Long-Awaited Invasion of Nazi Occupied France

In the months leading up to D-Day, the Allies were hard at work preparing for the invasion of Nazi-occupied France.

The Pacific Theater: The U.S. and Japan Engage in a Brutal Island Hopping Campaign

The U.S. entry into the Pacific War was marked by the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.

The Holocaust: The Systematic Murder of Six Million Jews

The Nazi's ideology of hatred and superiority was rooted in the belief that the German people were a master race, and that Jews and other non-Aryans were inferior.

The Eastern Front: The Brutal Struggle Between Germany and the Soviet Union

On June 22, 1941, Germany launched Operation Barbarossa, the largest invasion in history.

The War in North Africa: Desert Battles Between Erwin Rommel and Bernard Montgomery

Erwin Rommel, nicknamed the Desert Fox, was a German Field Marshal who achieved great success in North Africa during World War II.

Blitzkrieg: How Germany Invaded and Overwhelmed France

The concept of Blitzkrieg, or lightning war, was a new approach to warfare developed by the German military in the 1930s.

Axis Powers and Allied Forces: A Look at the Key Players

The rise of Fascism in Germany was a key factor in the outbreak of World War II. Fascism was a political ideology that sought to create a totalitarian state in which the government had total control over the people.

Origins and Early Stages of the Second World War

The Treaty of Versailles, signed in June 1919, was intended to bring a lasting peace to Europe following the end of World War I.