World War II: The War That Shaped Our World

Origins and Early Stages of the Second World War

How events in the 1930s developed into a war that spanned continents.

Axis Powers and Allied Forces: A Look at the Key Players

The major forces of the Second World War.

The War in North Africa: Desert Battles Between Erwin Rommel and Bernard Montgomery

How North Africa became a critical battleground between the Allies and the Axis Powers.

The Eastern Front: The Brutal Struggle Between Germany and the Soviet Union

How the hard-fought battles of the Eastern Front tipped the balance in the Allies' favor.

Blitzkrieg: How Germany Invaded and Overwhelmed France

Germany's swift and decisive conquest of France.

The Pacific Theater: The U.S. and Japan Engage in a Brutal Island Hopping Campaign

America's long, bloody island-hopping campaign against Japan.

The Fall of the Third Reich: The Final Days of World War II in Europe

The Soviets push through to Germany and take Berlin, ending the war in Europe.

The Aftermath of World War II: The Peace Settlement and the Creation of the United Nations

The lasting effects of this devastating conflict around the world.

D-Day: The Allies’ Long-Awaited Invasion of Nazi Occupied France

The Allies' long-awaited invasion of France and subsequent push on the Western Front.

The Holocaust: The Systematic Murder of Six Million Jews

The greatest atrocity of the Second World War, and possibly the darkest chapter of human history.