Greek Mythology

Why Greek Mythology Matters

The Ancient Greeks and their incredible legacy.

Greek Society and Mythology

How mythology was essential in Greek society, politics, and culture

Creation Myths

The stories of creation according to Greek Mythology and the psychological importance of this understanding.

Morality Myths

An overview of Greek myths that were used to pass on morals and values.

The Iliad, The Odyssey, and the Theogony

How these epic poems shaped culture and depicted ancient history and formed the Myths of the Ages of this world

Zeus and Athena

A deeper glimpse into these protectors of Greece, their origins, their relationships, and their practices for worship.

Myths of Heroes

A deeper examination of the Greek heroes and demi-gods and their cultural significance.

Hades and Poseidon

An overview of the myths of Hades and Poseidon and the worship of these supreme deities.