US Politics

Political Participation in America

What is citizen activism? Explore the right to protest and ongoing challenges to political participation

The Presidency and Executive Branch

What role does the executive branch play? Explore different roles, their powers and limitations.

Political Parties and Elections

Ideologies behind US political parties and an overview of processes behind elections

Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

The nature of regulations across different states and the impacts of federalism on policy

The Legislative Branch

An overview of leadership roles in the legislative branch and committee procedures

Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, and Inequalities

What is the First Amendment? An overview of civil liberties, their history, and progress over time

Contemporary Issues in American Politics

A summary of American global influence, its involvement in global security and foreign policy

Tile 9

The concept of public opinion has been a major factor in US politics since the nation's founding.

The Judicial Branch

The nature of the judiciary branch, its key processes, and their jurisdiction

An Introduction to the American Political System and its history

Understanding the federal system, the states, and key responsibilities