William Shakespeare: His Life and Writing

Who Was William Shakespeare?

A biography of the Bard, from his early years in Stratford, to the height of his career in London, and death in 1616.

Key Themes in Shakespeare

Some of the major ideas and themes explores in Shakespeare's works.

Shakespeare’s best-known plays

An overview of the plots and themes that make up Shakespeare's most canonical works of drama

Shakespeare’s Early Works

The first plays and poems produced by Shakespeare, including their themes, style and impact on his later work.

Shakespeare’s Language

A look into the innovative use of language that characterizes Shakespeare's writing.

The Elizabethan Era: Shakespeare’s World

Shakespeare's works were heavily informed by the world he lived in - this is a history of Elizabethan England and how it shaped Shakespeare

Adaptations of Shakespeare

How Shakespeare's work has been adapted over the centuries into many different forms.

Critical Readings Over the Centuries

An overview of the various ways Shakespeare's works have been read and interpreted by generations of critics.

Shakespeare in the Popular Imagination

The place of Shakespeare in the popular imagination, and how his impact continues in the 21st century.

Shakespeare’s Legacy

The impact left by Shakespeare and how he continues to shape world literature