World Religions

Introduction to World Religions

Situating religions across human history and understanding some of its recurring themes


Exploring the origins of Judaism, its traditions and holidays, and Jewish community's global diaspora today

New Religious Movements

The growth and decline of new religious movements over time, including cults, sects, and other mainstream movements


Key belief systems and practices of Hinduism from gods and goddesses to the caste system

Indigenous religions

Exploring Animism, Shamanism, and other indigenous religions and their evolution over time


An overview of Confucian teachings and moral philosophy as well as the revival of Confucianism in modern society


An introduction to the life of Prophet Muhammad, Islamic law, and the relationship of Islam with other major religions


Understanding the Biblie, major Christian denominations, and the role of the Church in Christianity


Foundations of Buddhism, its different branches, and practice in Asia and beyond


What is Taoism and who is Tao Te Ching? What are the different schools of Taoism?