What is Positive Psychology?

What about the positive?

The science of psychology has had amazing success in understanding all the things that can go wrong with the human mind. But what about the things that can go right?

We know all about the causes of anxiety and depression, but what about contentment and fulfilment?

Could there be a scientific approach to happiness?

A science of flourishing

Positive psychology is just that. It is a scientific approach to understanding how to live a good life.
It offers an alternative to the ‘disease-model’ of psychology, and brings to attention to  practices and behaviours that lead to human flourishing.

How does it work?

Positive psychology is not ‘self-help’, instead it is research-led. It has precise and predictive theories that have been, and continue to be, tested, challenged, and improved.

Perhaps its most significant impact is the shift in our perception. Even a small change here can transform our quality of life and our wellbeing. A greater focus on ‘giving more,’ ‘showing kindness,’ and ‘being grateful’ can create a more meaningful life.

Topic Overview

This topic covers the core principles of positive psychology, and the science that underpins it.

You will explore the many aspects of human flourishing, including the power of positive thinking, the importance of relationships, and finding and creating meaning in our lives.

You will also learn how to apply positive psychology in your personal and professional life.

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