What Risks are posed by AI, and What Steps Can be Taken to Ensure Its Safe and Ethical Use?

While AI offers great potential for solving some of humanity’s greatest challenges, it brings with it a unique set of risks

What is Knowledge Representation in AI?

Without an accurate and helpful representation of its environment, the AI simply has a collection of abstract data

What is Natural Language Processing in AI?

Teaching our AIs to understand what we say and the meaning behind the words

What is Deep Learning, and What are Neural Networks?

Deep learning typically involves multiple layers of processing and uses algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain

Machine Learning

Machine learning has made AI more flexible and adaptive, able to modify its behavior in response to its learning and the environment

What is the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The potential of AI to transform what we mean by intelligence was recognized during the earliest days of computing

What is AI, and What are Its Potential Rewards?

The rapidly advancing field of AI is challenging our understanding of what it means for a machine to display human-like intelligence

What do We Need to Forget about AI, and Why Can’t we Afford Not to Know about AI?

The Ancient Greek myth of Talos tells of a giant made entirely of brass, crafted by Hephaestus, the master blacksmith god

What is Computer Vision, and What are its Real-World Applications and Potential for Misuse?

For AI to successfully interact with, and learn from its environment, it must be able to ‘see’ what’s going on