Applying positive psychology

To help us fully understand the value of positive psychology, it is valuable to explore how and where it can be applied. Let’s take a look.

Resilience, stress, and wellbeing

Managing tough situations allows us to handle stress and supports us as we overcome obstacles along the way.

Playing to our strengths

Positive psychology focuses on strengths instead of weaknesses, encouraging individuals to set meaningful goals and work toward them.

What is Positive Psychology?

The science of psychology has had amazing success in understanding all the things that can go wrong with the human mind. But what about the things that can go right?

Pursuing our Accomplishments

Pursuing growth and change purely for the intrinsic sake of achievement brings many benefits, not least an ongoing boost to our wellbeing.

Finding and Creating a Meaningful Life

Here we explore this vital subject and attempt to uncover what a meaningful life might look like and its importance to our wellbeing.

Positive relationships to boost wellbeing

Forming healthy, meaningful relationships is a fundamental human need shared across all cultures. Indeed, enduring, positive relationships help us create fulfilling lives and increase our wellbeing.

Engagement and finding the flow

Flow is a state of mind as much as an experience. Let’s look at how it can result in optimum performance and increased wellbeing.

Positive Emotions and Living the Good Life

‘Positive emotion’ is the first of 5 elements in Martin Seligman’s PERMA wellbeing model. And it’s essential for living the ‘good life.’

Why do we need a science of flourishing?

Take a tour of the science of flourishing and how to live a more fulfilling life, then learn why it can help us thrive as individuals, groups, and communities

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