What is a Cult?

From mass suicides to child brides, cults have shocked and horrified those outside the fanatical groups. So let's learn more about cults, what they are, how they work, and the damage they can do.

Chinese Triads

The Chinese Triad has been in operation since the 17th Century and has spread to become a transnational network of secretive cells. Let’s learn more about the origins of the Chinese triad and its development into a secret criminal society.

Elite and Collegiate Secret Societies

Collegiate secret societies have long existed, and members have gone on to hold positions of power and even run countries. There are also elite secret societies comprised of high-ranking members and endorsed by the Church and State. So let's learn more about these powerful secret societies.

Ku Klux Klan

Arguably one of America's most infamous secret societies, the Ku Klux Klan, has a violent and extremist history. Let's look at the three iterations of this hate organization as it changed and evolved.

The Knights of Pythias

Based on a story of good friends, the Knights of Pythias believe friendship can change the world. 158 years since its inception, this fraternity still wants to make the world a better place and help as many people as possible. So let's learn more about the Knights of Pythias.


The origins of this secret society are murky, with many believing it never really existed. Whether you think the Rosicrucians are a fictitious order or an "invisible" society, there is no denying the influence of their mystical beliefs. Let's learn more about the Rosicrucians and their esoteric wisdom.

The Knights Templar

Warriors, bankers, religious zealots, these are all words used to describe the Knights Templar. Although they were dissolved more than 700 years ago, the mystery and fascination with the warrior monks live on. Let’s go on a journey to Medieval Europe and the Holy Land as we learn more about the Templars.

Freemasons and the Illuminati

Freemasons have featured in movies, books, and numerous conspiracy theories. Even with famous members like Winston Churchill, Rudyard Kipling, and Sir Alexander Fleming, aspects of this fraternal organization are still shrouded in mystery. Let’s dive deeper into the ideas behind this historical order and how it inspired another secret society, the Illuminati.

What is a Secret Society?

Are secret societies influential political players pulling strings to create a New World Order? Are they religious zealots obsessed with using mysticism to further their ambitions in this life and the next? Or maybe they are guilds designed to protect the common person's rights? Let's explore the ideas behind secret societies.

Modern Legends: The Future of Folklore

Cryptozoology is a modern form of folklore.

Enchanted Realms: Stories of Other Worlds

Folktales often feature distant lands or enchanted realms – places of mystery and wonder.

Life after Death: Stories of Human Mortality

Death is a universal experience, and folklore has long sought to explain it.