From Minimalism to Maximalism: Modern & Postmodern Architecture

Follow the extremes of Modern and Postmodern architecture as taste and style change drastically in the 20th century.

From Organic to Geometric: Art Nouveau & Art Deco

Discover the artistic side of architecture at the turn of the century, and learn to identify and differentiate these popular movements.

Back to Basics: The Neoclassical & Beaux-Arts Movements

Learn about 2 of the most influential movements in European and American architecture and trace their roots to ancient Rome and Greece.

Getting Busy with Renaissance & Baroque Styles

Discover the secrets of architecture’s most opulent periods and learn about the art, design, and illusion that made it possible.

Arch Rivals: Romanesque & Gothic Architecture

Understand the architecture of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and learn about the contrast between Roman and Gothic influences.

The First Influencers: Asian and Islamic Architecture

Explore the rich history of non-Western architecture including Asian and Islamic architectural philosophy and design.

Classical Roman Architecture’s Well-Rounded Style

Learn about key features of Roman architecture and discover its impact on architecture through the ages.

NFTs and Beyond: 21st-Century Digital Art

Learn about the growing world of digital art and what the changing face of Contemporary Art may look like in the future.

Seen in Public: Street Art and Graffiti

Although street art comes in many different styles and forms, it all (usually) has one thing in common: it is created in public locations and for public visibility.

The Message, not the Medium: Feminist, Postcolonial, and LGBTQ+ Art

Explore a variety of artistic styles brought together by a drive for social awareness.

Neo-Expressionism: Once More with Feeling

Learn key elements of 1980s Neo-Expression and its origins as a revolt against Minimalism and the rise of Neo-Expressionism.

Painting People: Figurative Art and Stuckism

Discover the role of the human form in Contemporary Art and uncover the full range of representational art from abstract to portraiture.

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