Content editor

About Kinnu

At Kinnu our mission is to build a platform for the future of learning. We are combining proven discoveries in neuroscience and cognitive science with the community to massively increase the rate of learning.
About the founders

  • We love building products that people love but also have meaning and purpose.
  • We’ve built startups with 10s of millions of users
  • Our last startup, Qriously, was funded by some of the best investors in the world and was acquired in 2019
  • We have experience working at some of the best companies in the world, like Google and Deliveroo
  • We’re pretty geeky

Is this you?

  • You have worked at and enjoyed, or are interested in, working at a startup
  • You have an extremely high level of attention to detail
  • You are interested in learning and working at all stages of a content pipeline, from ideation, through to production, post-production and to shipping
  • You don’t just follow instructions, if you think something can be done better, you let us know
  • You love learning. A plus – you’re interested in the brain/psychology/neuroscience and changing patterns of behaviour in today’s world
  • You’re not afraid of a bit of chaos and changing structure/direction
  • You value open to feedback both on the giving and receiving end

This job is probably not for you if:

  • Another company’s / startup’s mission is more appealing (this is totally cool with us, just be honest with yourself)
  • You only feel comfortable if you’re told what to do
  • You aren’t excited about editing (lots of) content

You will:

  • Be working closely with the content lead to deliver high-quality bespoke learning content
  • Be editing drafts of written copy, working with freelance writers and the content team to shape content into the best form possible
  • Be responsible for rewriting content if required
  • Be undertaking quality control at every stage of a content production pipeline
  • Translating written content into different formats, including audio, images, graphs, diagrams and using bespoke software
  • Using a variety of tools, processes and software, including creating AI voice projects and good ole’ copying and pasting


  • Excellent editor with a strong understanding of how to turn good copy into great
  • Good writer, able to turn around high-quality copy when required
  • High-level competence with MS Word/Google Docs, Excel/Google Sheets and Google docs
  • Good general computer skills, such as converting file formats, using basic scripts, and handling multimedia files
  • Good communicator – both within the team and external
  • Good at working independently under own initiative
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